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Salt Steam Bath

Function and Principle


Trace Mineral Elements Intake

The salt room was constructed with deep-sea mineral salt, which is a salt crystal fossil formed over thousands of years. There are also more than 80 kinds of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Minerals, negative ions and microorganisms will be released after the light is irradiated. In the salt room where the air is slightly salty, these beneficial elements are the most ideal intake for the human body.


Promote Immune Balance

Salt is a supplement that can cure quickly and help the body achieve an ideal balance. Salt Therapy through a special control system, the fine salt is discharged into the air at a certain amount and speed. This salt dust enters the respiratory system with breathing, it will dehydrate, kill and cough out harmful cells, this is the basic principle of salt therapy.


Antibacterial and Antiviral Function

According to research, a 30-minute stay in a salt house is equivalent to a three-day stay at the seaside. This is entirely due to the antibacterial and antiviral effects of iodine, magnesium, potassium and other minerals.

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